What is ViP Learning?

ViP stands for Visual Intuitive Progress

In general, children that are confident in numeracy skills are confident general learners. When children struggle with mathematics, they tend to think that they are poor learners. Albert Einstein recognised that problems with learning often come with the way they are taught. Most of us, unless we were quick to pick up numeracy skills, have negative memories of learning mathematics at school.

ViP maths is great for all abilities and ensures that the basics of numeracy are covered with no gaps in knowledge. It is a way of learning arithmetic that guides the child in a step-by-step fashion, from the very basics of counting and number recognition up to addition, subtraction, multiplication and the addition and simplification of fractions.



Visual means that the child sees the numbers and learns to manipulate the quantities, before the quantities become abstract figures. Many mathematics books jump from images to figures very quickly and this is confusing and demoralising for a young learner.

Intuitive means that the steps involved make sense without the child having to read and understand lots of words beforehand. Very few words are used in the workbooks. Some explanatory notes for parents are given at the beginning of each workbook but on the whole, each block of work should 'make sense' to the child.

Progressive means that each new step follows on from the one before. This means that there are no great leaps in difficulty or concepts for the child. This means less fear and more enjoyment!